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[EDITORIAL] Linda Ikeji Misinterpretes Kanu Nwankwo's fan on Twitter and calls him "Silly"

christian nwodo - Wednesday, February 04, 2015
Now I wonder why Linda Ikeji would always want to make a mountain out of a mole hill . This is the height of journalism quackery . Linda makes a blog post concerning a young man who was begging Kanu Nwankwo to enroll him in his football academy through Kanu's twitter handle. See screenshot of her post and how she misinterpreted the young man's quest to know if he (the young man) has to pay a registration   fee before he can be enrolled.

see screenshot below for Linda's response through her blog post

Dear Linda, The young man is not asking to be paid. He only inquired if he (himself) can pay a registration fee.