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Dear LNB readers: Why can't men send nudes?

christian nwodo - Monday, March 30, 2015

From a female AQB reader;

Hi LIB family, I am Jane, and I'd like to understand certain things. So many times I've been in relationships and after few months, sometimes just weeks, and sometimes just days, men start demanding for nude pictures. I'll never forget the first time a man I dated asked for 'sexy' pictures. I just took some really sexy pictures with my clothes on. In my mind I had done something I felt he'd appreciate,  next ping I saw was "baby thanks for the pictures but why do you still have your clothes on?" Then reluctantly,  I pulled the top off and showed my bra...and then he sent a smiley face and said "take off your shorts pleeeaaassse,  or better still take off the everything". Then coz I was stupid and young and trying to keep my man, I sent him nudes. Now am older and more experienced in dating and I've realized that women do really silly things in a bit to keep their men.
Recently I decided to take some chill from being in any relationship and just allow different men ask me out, I've refused to sleep with anyone or do any silly thing I've done in the past, I've decided to also put demands on these men. Currently I have 3 men asking me out, one of which has known me for over 10 years since I was 15. Just as I expected they've all asked for nudes, and I asked for nudes also. One of them said that there's nothing sexy for me to see, and I replied you can show me your d***k, then he said he has never sent any lady nudes and in fact no lady had ever asked him for nudes, I told him that he should start with me, he should go to his bathroom and be creative coz that's the same thing he expects from me. He got really mad and didn't speak to me for days, later he started talking and acting like all was well again. He hasn't asked me for nudes again coz I told him that I'd send if he sends first. None of these men sent the nudes and have stopped asking me for nudes coz each time they ask, I also request for mine.
So my question for men is why can't you send nudes? Buh you want you know that the ladies (responsible ones) also find it difficult to actually send these pictures?

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