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Details of Jonathan's Secret Late Night Visit to Atiku's House

christian nwodo - Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When a man who has ignored you for several months suddenly pay you a secret visit in the dead of the night, just know that all is not well. That was the position Atiku Abubakar found himself recently.

Fresh facts have emerged on how President Goodluck Jonathan met former VP Atiku in Yola, Adamawa State, on Monday night.

It was learnt in Abuja on Tuesday that the President, in company with some of his security personnel and aides, paid an unscheduled visit to Atiku’s private residence.

Abubakar’s security team, made up of policemen and private guards, were said to have been jolted into action when they saw the long convoy of vehicles from the presidential fleet at midnight...

Atiku’s aides were said to have recognised some of the people in the President’s team before sighting the vehicle conveying Jonathan.

It was learnt that the President’s advance party merely confirmed that the former Vice President was at home and relayed their findings to the President before he set out for the meeting.

Abubakar’s men were said to have been confused about how to wake up their principal. A close family member was said to have been contacted to undertake the task, which he did without an incident.

A member of the ex-VP team, who was privy to the encounter, explained that after the exchange of pleasantries, the two men went into a closed-door session.

He said, “The Turakin Adamawa was surprised by the visit largely due to the fact that, one, he was not expecting it.
"Two, long before Vice President Atiku left the PDP finally, the President had asked for audience with him in his Asokoro residence, in Abuja, prompting him to cancel all engagements only for the President to stand him up without even the courtesy of an explanation or an apology.

“This time around, the President chose to make it a surprise visit. Well, from what transpired it is glaring that Atiku is not buying any of Jonathan’s explanations or proposals.”
The days leading to the presidential election will throw up more surprises.