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christian nwodo - Monday, March 16, 2015

Simon Ateba
Nigerian cleric, Prophet T.B. Joshua, has said that the outcome of this year’s general elections will shock Nigerians.
He also predicted a plane crash in Nigeria and urged the nation to pray fervently and fast between 19 and 23 March.
“Pray for Nigeria because I am seeing a plane crash,” he told his congregation on Sunday in a service televised live via Christian channel Emmanuel Television.
“It’s not a good thing to lose personalities again,” he added, specifying that prayer and fasting should be especially offered from 19 to 23 March.
•TB Joshua
Joshua also gave a warning to Nigerians over the upcoming elections, saying that a dark cloud was hanging over the nation.
“The cloud is darker. When it is about to rain, you cannot see in front again,” he said.
Speaking on the presidential election, Joshua said that the results would surprise many people.
“The challenge Nigeria is facing – on the day of voting, when you drop your votes in the ballot box, you will know who is PDP and who is APC. It’s a parable; very delicate. Because everybody plays a game; we deceive ourselves. ‘So this man voted for this party but he’s in that party.’ ”
Joshua insisted that the building collapse in his church in which 116 people died in September last year was an attack and the planners and perpetrators will soon pay the price.
“There must be vengeance concerning what happened here. Both the slaves and masters must pay the price.”
He stated that he was unhappy due to the innocent blood spilled in his church premises and the refusal of those responsible to admit.
“God gave me an order that I should continue this work – so I must do it. Nothing can separate me from the work of God but your prophet is not happy. I will be happy when vengeance comes,” he said.
On Russia, where the president has gone missing for over a week, Joshua seemed to be saying that he might have been assassinated.
“I am still seeing the same thing happening – killing of a hero,  even bigger than the one that was killed. I am talking in parables. Who could be bigger than the man that was shot in Russia? You should pray for the authority there; pray for the President of Russia,” Joshua said referring to the recent assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.
Joshua also stated that he had collected his own Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) as a responsible Nigerian citizen, but added he is living like a foreigner in Nigeria.
“I am living as if I am a stranger in my own country,” he told congregants.