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She Hid Her Hiv Status From Her Hubby For 5yrs

christian nwodo - Monday, April 20, 2015
A colleague's brother is a doctor with like two years experience, in one of the General hospitals. He helped deliver a woman who already has two children.

During the post-delivery treatment, the curious husband asked why his wife required such. The doctor told the hubby that the woman needed all that treatment since she is HIV positive.

The husband was shocked as he didn't know her status.In fact she has been HIV since before they got married.

The man left and never returned. The doctor defended his actions as he claimed her file clearly states she has HIV before marriage, which is over 5years now, so he thought the hubby knew her status.

The question is, was it ethical to have disclosed the woman's status to her husband, and if no, what are the likely consquences of his action

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