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Wow! See what a Nigerian constructed!

christian nwodo - Tuesday, April 28, 2015



This project is conducted to design and develop an RF based water level indicator/controller system that is fully automated using PIC microcontroller to Perform tasks such as activating a 240 volts single phase ground water pump when water level at the overhead tank falls to (25%), and deactivate the same ground water pump once the overhead tank water level gets to (100%). The data communication between the over head tank and the controller is achieved wirelessly using radio frequency (RF).

Objectives of Project:

(1) To save valuable time,
(2) To save power,
(3) To protect the building and environment from water spills,
(4) To be able to monitor the water level of an over head tank,
(5) To maintain efficient water supply,
(6) To avoid water wastage,
(7) To create a fully automated and autonomous water level control system,
(8) To inform the operator/user of the exact water level in an overhead tank in percentage,
(9) To process and display the water pump conditions (active mode) or (off mode) state,
(10) To wirelessly transmit data from an overhead tank to the receiver/controller placed up to 100m away,
(11) To effectively manage water supply for domestic and industrial applications,
(12) To make use of PIC microcontroller as the brain of the control system,

To contribute to water availability, reliability and efficiency in Nigeria was the main motivating factor for this work. This project is to make a prototype of a microcontroller and radio frequency based water level indicator/controller system which automatically sense accurately the water level of an overhead tank and automatically activate or deactivate a single phase water pump for industrial and domestic applications. Using this system, one can remotely monitor and control the water level of an overhead tank that is placed up to 100 metres away. The system features an RF transmitter-receiver pair, doing away with the need to run wires from the roof to ground.

You can contact me via +2348068437741 or for similar projects