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UNN Students' Protest Turns Tragic As Car Knocks Down 5 Persons (photos)

christian nwodo - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

A protest went forth in the UNEC branch of University of Nigeria on 31 st May, 2015 against the power failure that had taken hold of the institution for a long time now. Afraid that such a thing could repeat in the UNN branch, which had even been the worst hit,the school gave an impromptu break to the entire students which should last for two weeks to enable them sort out issues. With regards to this, they refused to put on the hostel generators. Students were angry since this was the only hope they ever have of at least powering their phones and since the break was due to start tomorrow, not today.
This lead to a peaceful protest which ended peacefully as well until the devil struck at last. The students had actually gone round the whole school with a chant "off that light" as they made sure that every other light in the whole school was put off to make the situation even. The last place they went to was the VC's lodge and were already about leaving after receiving assurance from the security men, when one demonic 504 drove into the crowd of students in full speed and without light and before one could say Jack Robinson, four persons including one that is not a student were on the ground. While the other had a shattered leg, the other had a broken hand and one disfigured face. The other two had minor injuries.
As at the time of filing this report, the students are responding to treatment as the school medical centre.while the James Bond driver is currently in Army custody.
Sorry, I could not get the more horrific pictures because my phone went off. " NO LIGHT"
I was actually an eye witness and I had been with them at the medical centre.
We keep wondering what this our country is turning into as we keep trust God to deliver us.Amen

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