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PDP State Coordinators to dump Jonathan over failed promises

christian nwodo - Saturday, March 21, 2015

Days to the general elections, members of state coordinators forum of the defunct Neighbour-to-Neighbour group are set to dump the PDP over what they described as a use-and-dump attitude of the party.

In an interview with LEADERSHIP Weekend in Abuja, the spokesperson for the forum, Mr Godwin Oziegbe said they have already concluded plans to dump the PDP and declare their support for APC.

In his words: “We have worked for Jonathan to actualise his dream in the 2011 presidential election, but we have nothing to show for our efforts. The initial promise they gave was that all the state coordinators would be employed by the administration if eventually Jonathan wins the 2011 election, but up till now that I am speaking with you, that promise has not been fulfilled. None of the state coordinators has been offered employment by the administration since 2011.”

Oziegbe, who was the Edo State coordinator of Neighbour-to-Neighbour presidential campaign in the 2011 election, lamented that many of his colleagues, whose properties were destroyed by hoodlums during the 2011 post-election violence, especially in the northern parts of the country, are yet to be compensated by the party and the Presidency.

He maintained that the group has written several letters to the president, reminding him of the promises he made to their members in 2011 but as yet no reply has been received.

He continued: “Knowing fully well that the PDP has nothing for us and that the party has abandoned us after working tirelessly for the victory of the party in 2011 election ; we are now ready to leave the party and join the opposition party, preferably the APC.”

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