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How To Set Any Picture As Your BBM/WHATSAPP Display Picture Without Cropping

christian nwodo - Sunday, April 19, 2015
BBM display pictures/avatars or “DPs” as they are called in this parts are a huge deal apparently. With newer BlackBerry devices andmost other devices now taking pictures in the 16:9 format rather than the 4:3 by default, sizing pictures into the square “window” provided has become an issue but have no fear, there are easy ways to go about it.

First method
There is an app for that. Profile w/o cropping on android fits your display pictures no matter the size, aspect ratio or orientation into the square box provided for your display picture. You can download the app off Google play name "profile without cropping"


If you are old school and do not want to go the app route, here is a quick tip, while viewing the picture you want to use, turn your device 90 degrees (make sure your orientation lock isn’t on) and take a screenshot. Try to use the screenshot, you will be able to fit the whole picture.

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