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My wife is a thief

christian nwodo - Sunday, March 22, 2015

It’s wrong for a man to allege that his wife stole his money(which he kept at home). In Africa (since we like going african when it suits our intention), whatever a man owns actually belongs to his better half and I fail to understand why any man would claim that the money his wife found at home and probably solved a family need with is tantamount to stealing...the very money a woman found in her own home? Na gun she take collect the money from you?
Fact is-if some money isn’t to be touched-please keep it where no one (but you) will find it...correct men don’t bat an eye when their women dip hands into our money. The men that give Madam their atm cards, na mumu them be?
What does the word marriage mean to some men sef...some form of subservience-instead of a partnership? So if your woman touched some money you left in the house without discussing it with you (out of courtesy)-the issue you should object to is her failure to let you know her intentions or for spending it on wrong luxuries...don’t call it stealing please. Nobody steals what’s kept in his/her own house.
A woman you give enough to-doesn’t even need to touch the one you keep elsewhere. If your woman has resorted to touching ‘some money’ behind you-consider doing more for her...every action from someone is a message of sorts!

Tagged: editorial