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Some Popular WWF Wrestlers From The Past

christian nwodo - Friday, March 20, 2015
There was a time in the early 90s when WWF took over our television sets. Royal Rumble, Summer Slam, Wrestle Mania, No Mercy and other such championships were the only things every guy out there was talking about. 80s/90s were the golden era of wrestling, the blood was real and so was our enthusiasm. Taking you years back right into the ring when WWE was WWF, here are wrestlers from the 80s/90s who we simply cannot forget.


                                                 3. UNDERTAKER.

Comes on stage with a sound of bell, coffin, followed by total darkness with screams....

The only wrestler that walks on the Ring's rope.

Yokozuna in his casket, 94.


                                         4. SHAWN MICHAELS.


                                         5. BRET HART HITMAN.

Always give out his glasses to kids before the fight.

                                              6. YOKOZUNA.


                                7. JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS.


                                                  8. THE BRITISH BULL DOG.

                                  9. TATANKA.


                                         10. PAPA SHANGO


                                                          11. KAMALA.


                                               12. STONECOLD.



                                                               13. GOLD DUST.



                                                            14. MR. PERFECT.


                                                                               15. DEMOLITION.



                                                                    16. SGT SLAUGHTER



                                                                           17. $1M MAN.



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