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PHOTOS: Man Walking From Lagos To Abuja In Honor Of Buhari

christian nwodo - Monday, April 20, 2015

Pictures of the man who walked from Lagos to Abuja

33-year-old Suleman Hashimu who got on a solo trek from Lagos heading to Abuja after vowing to do so if retired General Muhammadu Buhari wins the presidential elections, is now in Agaie.

He was received in Agaie, a Local Government Area in Niger State, on Wednesday by hundreds of residents and given a royal welcome party by the Emir Alhj Yusuf Nuhu, the Emir of Agaie.

This is his second royal welcome. He received one in Bida yesterday.

Lagos to Abuja is 746.5km, which is 9 hours 2 minutes drive

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